Camping In The White Elephant Mountain

Dear diary,

That day on February 11st 2012, my friends and I went camping this weekend. We prepared all of supplies in their homes. After that, we went to use the motorcycle 6 to 15 people, but I felt the weather did not support because the clouds are overcast and we still continued to camping. On the way, this place looked scary and I just kept silent. After that, my friendsgave up to run because the motorcycle was not strong to carry 3 people. Finally, there we shared a duty to put up the tent and the others and then we are dinner on 22:00 P.M. After a few hours later, two of my friends chose to go home because there was an appointment with someone else, but we still went camping and stayed at 13 people. Suddenly the rain dropped and I just kept silent in the tent, we all like “Waiting for nothing”. My friend had idea to read Al-Qur’an together, but before we read Al-Qur’an, It seemed like the more heavy rain in the tent. Finally, we chose to leave this place and went home again and we have not had time to read Al-Qur’an together. In the end, my friends and I stayed at Misbah’s house. I think we probably lack of preparation are less mature, but we all still happy for have a something different and I think this camping more of a joke and I was happy. 🙂


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