Summary The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

The Casts            : 1. Will Smith

2. Jaden Smith

3. Thendie Newton

The Characters  :

  1. Chris Gardner : He was a good father for his child, never give up and he was brave to try.
  2. Christopher     : He was Chris’s son, very curious and a good boy.
  3. Linda               : She was Chris’s wife, egoist.

Plot  : San Fransisco, California 1981

Summary         :

This movie tells about Gardner family’s life in San Fransisco 1981, Gardner family lived in small apartment. Chris Gardner spent all his money for buy franchise to sell bone scanner or Bone Density Scanner portable. But, any doctor met Chris said its too expensive. Linda, Chris’s wife worked at laundry, and she seems like bored with her life. And then, Linda left Chris and her child, Christopher, and went to New York City. Finally, Chris must worked hard to still life with Christopher.

One day, Chris met someone in front of a building. The man had a luxury Ferrari, since for that moment, Chris decided to became a stockbroker. Its so difficult when Chris and his son got out from home, so they lived in a church with other people. Their life was ironi. But, in the end of story, Chris succeed to be a staff in a Dean Witter firm. After that, Chris went on to found the investment firm Gardner Rich in 1987.

The lessons      :

  1.  Worked hard seriously, and showed the our commitment.
  2. Missing your son since a little, because they need it.
  3. The attitude must friendly and good to other people.
  4. Don’t give up to face the problem and challenge life.
  5. Always prepared your self with good to face the something.

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